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Putnam County Forestry Pageant

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Georgia Forestry

Preliminary Pageant


Preliminary Pageants Rules 2006

1.  Contestants must compete in the age division they are the day of the pageant, unless a contestant has a birthday and changes age divisions prior to the state pageant in June, then she moves up.  Contestants must submit a copy of their birth certificate.

2.  It is mandatory that Tiny, Little, Junior, Teen and Miss Queens must represent Putnam County at the Georgia Forestry Pageant in Tifton in June 2005.

3.   Contestants in the Miss must reside, work or attend school/college in county they are competing in on the day of the pageant and must be a legal resident of Georgia.  If working in county, must have worked at least 3 months prior to the local pageant, submit paycheck stub and letter from employer.  If attending school in the county,  must have completed one semester and submit letter from the school or college. 

4.  Baby, Toddler, Tiny, Little, Junior and Teen contestants are open to all counties in Georgia

5.  May be sponsored by Family, Friends or Businesses at the local pageant.

6.  The purpose of the Local Forestry Pageant is to offer educational opportunities to young ladies and promote the Forestry Industry for that county. You can hold any title, we don’t care how many titles you hold, and compete in the local Forestry Pageants, but if you should be named queen of a local Forestry Pageant, you cannot promote or make appearances for any previous or current titles, you must promote your county Forestry title only at all events. You can go back when it is time and relinquish your crown for any previous titles that you held prior to competing in this local pageant, but all other appearances must be made a forestry queen. If you should be named queen of a local Forestry pageant, you cannot compete in any pageant that will require you to promote or make appearances for them until you are three months of giving up your local title. Local Forestry Queens will promote and make appearances as Local Forestry Queens only! You can compete in other pageants as long as it is a pageant that does not require an appearance or promotion. You must get permission from your local director before competing in another pageant, if you are named a local Forestry Queen.

7.  Local Pageants will be responsible for your entry fee to the State Forestry Pageant.  State Forestry dates are Tiny and Little, June 10, 2005, Junior and Teen, June 11, 2005 and Miss, June 18, 2005.  Queens will be responsible for ads, optionals and so forth. 


8.  Must always act in a ladylike manner, dress appropriately for appearances, and always wear crown and banner.

9.  Must get permission from the Director before promoting the Forestry in any event or before entering other pageants.  Queens cannot wear the Forestry crown and banner to promote other pageants after they give up their title.  If caught doing so, The Georgia Forestry Pageant has the right to ask the queen to return her crown and banner for her local pageant.

10.  Will get scholarship money at the end of your reign provided you have fulfilled your obligations to your local Forestry title.  The Director of the Local Pageant that you win is responsible for all scholarships and prizes.  If for some reason the Directorship of your local pageant should change prior to the end of your reign, the Director that crowned you will remain responsible for all your prizes and scholarships.  Neither the Georgia Forestry Pageant nor the newly elected Director will be responsible for the prizes and scholarships.

11. Miss Queen will be responsible for making contact with the director, not other family members.  We feel that this is part of your responsibility while wearing the crown.

12. Contestants must have never been married, ever pregnant or ever had a baby.  Queens cannot marry , become pregnant, or be convicted of a crime during their reign.

13.  Queens agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the Forestry Pageant Board now in affect or announced thereafter.

14.  The pageant will be conducted under the rules set forth by the Forestry Pageant Board and a contestant agrees that the time, manner and method of judging the pageant shall be solely within the discretion of the Pageant Board and the judges decision are final.

15.  No refunds unless the pageant should be canceled.   Entry fees must accompany the application.

16. The number of applications accepted in each age division will be limited and accepted on a first come first serve basis.

17.  The Deadline to enter the Miss Putnam County Forestry is March 02, 2005 for your information to be put in the program book.

18.  If named queen,  must be on time for all appointments.  We will work with you on what appointments you will be able to attend.

19.  A contestant must be of good moral character, never convicted of a crime and shall posses poise,  personality, intelligence and charm.

20. No cameras of any kind, video or photo camera allowed in the building.  No Cell Phones, Beepers, or electronics allowed in the building.  We will have a photographer at the pageant for your convenience.

21.  Make all checks payable to Miss Putnam County Forestry and mail it to:  562 Twin Bridges Road, Eatonton, Georgia  31024.

22. If you should be named queen of local Forestry Pageant, the Director will give you state packets on the night you win.  These state packets are to be turned into the local Director no later than 4 weeks after the date you win your local pageant.  Motel reservations should be made at the Holiday Inn in Tifton no later than 4 weeks after you win your local.  Call 229-382-6687 and tell them you are with the Georgia Forestry Pageant to get a special rate.

23. A 40.00 service charge will be charged for any returned checks.  Checks not picked up within 30 days will be turned over to a collections agency at your expense.

24.  No food or Drinks in the Auditorium.

25. Should there be a problem of any kind during the pageant or related events the contestant is to go to one of the directors.  Any unruly, unsportsmanlike or any unbecoming conduct by a contestant or any member of her entourage or any disregard for the rules and regulations of this pageant could result in immediate dismissal from further competition without refund.  Depending upon the severity of the action or behavior, it could result in a permanent barrier from future competition of the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant.  If you should lose your forestry title, you will not be allowed to ever compete in a Local or State Forestry Pageant again! If a queen loses her title, she will have to return all prizes including but not limited to crown, banner, trophy, gifts and scholarships.

26. Baby, Toddler, Tiny, Little and Junior will be scored a 1 to 10 on personality, beauty, poise, gown and overall appearance.

27.  Teen and Miss will be scored 50% on a five minute interview, 25% on a one minute speech, and 25% on evening gown.  Interview will be five minutes and speech will be one minute.

28.  State Queens cannot compete in any Local Pageant until they change age divisions.  Miss Queens can compete in a local pageant where they attend college work, or attend school, or if there is no county pageant, they can be the first to enter to come to state or the first to represent their college.  It is up to each local director whether they choose to allow a local queen to compete again in the same age group as long as they don't compete the same year they relinquish their title and as long as they have not won state in the same age division.

29.  If a Local Queen wins State Forestry, she shall be able to keep her local title and any prizes form the local pageant that would be coming to her and she shall represent the state only!

30.  No soliciting of any kind is allowed at any Local Forestry Pageant.  Leave all solicitations at home.  We are non-profit and cannot promote any business!  This means no passing out of applications, materials and so forth. 

If I can assist you in any way, please call Tammy Joiner at 478-968-5174 or e-mail me at .  I look forward to having you join us for fun and excitement. 

Please print out and keep a copy for your record and sign a copy and return it with your application.

Contestants Signature___________________________________________Date_____________

Parents Signature________________________________________________Date____________

A Copy of the Rules Sheet must accompany your application for us to accept your application. 

Tammy Joiner - Putnam County Forestry Director
562 Twin Bridges Road
Eatonton, GA  31024